CG isn't the answer to everything, but it is a loud voice.

Motion Graphics, Robust CG, VR Assets and Support

Fact: every company wants to impress. We've got you covered.

Video plus motion graphics. That is what we do. Formed by two life long friends, Bryan, and TJ, we are a small team coming from 16 years of experience in the tech and engineering industries working on both industrial design and system integration projects. Our specialty involves creating motion graphics and CG to help tell the story about your product and company. Having a good promo or polished site is important to get investors and customers excited about your product. We know this because we've been there ourselves. This is why we exist, to make this content for you.

Are you ready to impress your investors and customers?

Motion Graphics and interactive presentations can help put the polish on your delivery.

Motion Graphics

Exciting, Informational, Story based

Custom CGI

Images, 3D models, VR Assets and Development

High quality output

Highres, Multi-platform, Exciting Delivery

Digital assets ready for interactive, game and VR solutions.

Architectural Visualization created in the powerful Unreal 4 engine.

Proof of Concept created for Derse.

Demo Reel from 2015

A combination of projects that we had the opportunity to work on.

Let's tell the story.


The average attention span is 30 seconds. Let's keep them engaged.


High octane to low-key informational films, high-quality graphics with well-synced music and sound go a long way.


Your product is unique. Your company is unique. Your customers need to know this.


92% of mobile users share videos with other mobile users.
Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

A word from our clients.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships. Here are a few examples.

"As an architect and business owner, I've had the pleasure of working with TJ on several projects. Whenever a client wants a rendering or graphic, TJ is the first person I recommend and call. His work is amazing! This feels too simple to share, however its key to why TJ is my top choice every time-- he is easy to work with, follows directions, communicates, prices fairly and provides the finished project on time. Being in the design industry, I see at least a weekly message of a company marking their rendering services, I never waiver on who I will recommend and use first for any graphic projects. I think his skill has barely been tapped with the work on his website and the projects he's completed for me, so I hope to have many more opportunities to work together in the future."
Rachel D. Worley, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Three Dot Design, LLC

"TJ is one of the most visually, technically gifted individuals I know. He has the rare gift of combining art with technology that produces effective results. His work does not disappoint and I've had the privilege of not only being a client but a friend as well. I believe his work speaks for itself but I am happy to give TJ the highest recommendation I can."
Steve Peak, Architect

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